Do you want to get your professional qualifications recognised, require help applying for jobs or with something entirely different? We're there to help.


Who needs recognition of their profession?

Anyone with a foreign qualification, e.g. completed foreign vocational training or a foreign university degree, should have it recognised in Germany if they want to work here.

As well as increasing their chances on the German labour market, it will also help them secure an appropriate salary. Furthermore, there are “regulated professions” in Germany and in order to practice these professions, recognition of the corresponding qualifications is essential.

Is my profession regulated?

You can check the European Union’s online database for regulated professions to find out whether your profession is one of the regulated professions in Germany.

How can I get my qualification recognised?

Depending on the profession, there are various institutions that can offer this recognition, including, for example, the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Crafts or professional association. Check the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s Recognition Finder to find the right institution for you.

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