Integration in your organisation

Has your new employee made the leap to join your company and move to the region?

Now you face the challenge of integrating the skilled worker into your company. The welcoming culture within your company and preparing your staff to welcome foreign colleagues plays an important role in this respect.


How to successfully support collaboration between international teams

Successful communication is a requirement for living together in our society. This applies in both personal and professional contexts. However, language and behavior, which form the basis of communication in the world's cultures, sometimes differ greatly. The answer to these challenges lies in intercultural sensibilisation and appropriate training. Differences in verbal and non-verbal communication must be recognized and respected. The integration of international employees can thus be promoted on the basis of mutual understanding.

Since 2016, we have been advising companies on the (operational) integration of foreign professionals. Our experience shows that the recruitment and retention of qualified foreign personnel can be facilitated by an appropriate welcoming culture and thus the retention of necessary know-how in the company can be secured. Intercultural training is therefore an important component of successful integration.

The Region's Welcome Center offers intercultural training and other services that are customized to your company.