Learning German

To improve your chances when making applications, ensure your working day goes smoothly, and integrate quickly and well with your colleagues, it is very important to speak German. There are various institutions in the region where you can learn German.





In addition to private providers, the Braunschweig Adult Education Centre (VHS Braunschweig) and the Wolfsburg Adult Education Centre (VHS Wolfsburg) also offer German courses. Not only do they offer language courses like “German as a foreign language”, they also offer “integration courses” where, as well as learning German, you can also learn about the political and social environment in Germany.

Please note that for assessing language skills, there is a common European reference framework for languages (GER), which divides language ability into 6 levels:

A1: Beginner

A2: Basic knowledge

B1: Intermediate language use

B2: Independent language use

C1: Specialised language use

C2: Almost native language skills