Before entry

Have you decided to hire a skilled foreign worker? This page provides you with useful information that you should bear in mind. If you have queries or need assistance, you can also contact the Welcome Center’s Services.

What legal aspects does our company need to consider?

  • Third-country nationals require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany for employment purposes. The applicant must apply for this visa in his/her country of origin.
  • A visa only gives the new employee right of entry. After that, he/she must apply to the foreigners’ registration office for a residence permit for the purposes of employment.
  • In some cases, the Federal Employment Agency has to give their approval for employment. In this respect, you can apply for an “advance approval procedure”. You can find more information about this under the Legal framework section.

What support can we provide for the skilled foreign worker?

  • Put together a Welcome pack and send it to the new employee as soon as possible.
  • Offer your support in looking for language courses and accommodation.
  • Create a schedule for the training phase.
  • Please note: in addition to work, during the first few weeks your new employee will need to familiarise him/herself with the opening times of the immigration and registration authorities as well as the banks and insurance companies.
  • Organise an opportunity for the new employee to get to know his/her colleagues (e.g. arrange lunch or some other activities together).
  • Find out if you have a suitable, experienced employee who could act as a mentor.

What might a Welcome pack contain?

  • Personal welcome letters
  • Information about the company
  • Important contacts
  • Contact details for those who can provide support during the training phase
  • Important dates (e.g. general company meetings, team workshops)
  • Outlines/diagrams of key business processes and workflows
  • Work, break and holiday regulations
  • Collective labour agreement
  • Information about health and safety at work
  • Canteen facilities
  • Directions, parking and access by public transport
  • Map of the city
  • Information about cultural, leisure and sports facilities in our region
  • Company gift (e.g. notepad and pen)

(Based on: RKW Kompetenzzentrum (Hrsg.): Fachkräfte finden und binden – Vielfalt nutzen. Ein Leitfaden für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen [German Productivity and Innovation Centre’s Competence Centre (ed.): Find and keep skilled workers – use diversity. A Guide for small and medium-sized enterprises])