Has your new employee made the leap to join your company and move to the region? Have you already taken the first steps towards successful integration based on our tips regarding entry and the Welcome pack?

Now you face the challenge of integrating the skilled worker into your company. The welcoming culture within your company and preparing your staff to welcome foreign colleagues plays an important role in this respect.

This is not an easy question to answer. The welcoming culture differs from industry to industry and

This is not an easy question to answer. The welcoming culture differs from industry to industry and from company to company. Individual work cultures and processes have developed in each of them, and these must be taken into account.

On this page or in a conversation in person we can give you advice and ideas about further developing the welcoming culture within your company in order to help integrate skilled foreign workers.

Consider your options:

  • Is it possible to do the work without being able to speak German?
  • Can English be used as an alternative?
  • Have the job profile and any necessary technical texts been translated into English (or another language)?
  • What language does the skilled worker speak? Is it possible to use this language for the company?
  • What measures are there already for new employees? Can they be adapted to help with the integration of skilled foreign workers?
  • Are there already tried and tested examples for incorporating skilled foreign workers?
  • Are there employees within the company that have the professional competence and personal experience to act as mentors to help with the integration?
  • Do the skilled workers have enough time at the start for official administrative procedures and language courses?
  • Who can assist the new skilled workers with, for example, official administrative procedures or finding accommodation?
  • Do the employees with an immigration background who are already working in the company feel “at home”?
  • Are there already examples of successful integration of skilled foreign workers at your company?
  • Is your corporate culture committed to diversity?
  • Are there examples of positive effects of active diversity in the company? Have these been communicated internally and externally or used for recruitment?

(Based on: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (Hrsg.): Unternehmen positionieren. Willkommenskultur im Unternehmen [Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (ed.): Positioning companies. Welcoming culture within the company], Berlin 2012)

Be inspired by others

Ask around to find out which companies in your industry or in the region generally have already had experience with integrating skilled foreign workers. Use your networks or have a look at our Good Practice section. There, we present regional companies who have already successfully implemented strategies and processes relating to the welcoming culture. But you can also learn something from other companies’ projects that failed.

Adapt your existing measures and inspirations

If you have discovered new possibilities for adapting your welcoming culture, then we suggest you run a workshop, for example with the personnel department, the works council or the skilled foreign worker’s future team. That way, you can make sure everyone understands your ideas and helps implement them.