Recruitment channels

How do we find a skilled foreign worker for our company?

At home and abroad there are different ways to find the right skilled foreign worker for you. The Welcome Center does not itself carry out recruitment abroad. On this page you will find useful preliminary information about recruitment channels.

German International Placement Service [Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV)] of the Federal Employment Agency

The ZAV is a service provider that advises skilled foreign workers. It also plays a key role in coordinating the placement of skilled foreign workers and European trainees.

The service is aimed specifically at “shortage occupations”. You can check the Federal Employment Agency’s whitelist to see whether your vacancy falls into this category.

European Employment Service (EURES)

EURES is the European Commission’s job mobility portal. It is the European counterpart to the Federal Employment Agency’s International Placement Service. 

Online job boards

You can use national and international online job boards to publish a job advertisement. Sometimes, provided applicant profiles are stored, you can even search these portals directly for suitable candidates.

In the print media of the selected countries

Although this method may increase your use of resources in terms of preparations like selecting the print medium and creating an advertisement, etc., it does allow you to demonstrate to your potential skilled workers that you are not afraid to address other languages and foreign audiences in order to recruit good staff.

Recruitment fairs

Recruitment fairs abroad present another way to recruit skilled foreign workers. You can get an initial overview of suitable fairs from, for example, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry’s fair database.