Public transport

How does the public transport in the region work?

Our region is known for having a large number of people who commute between home and work. Hence, besides private cars, the public transport system, including buses, trams, regional and long-distance trains, is also very important.

There are various bus and rail connections you can use to get around the region if you don’t have a car. You will find information about timetables, connections and ticket prices on the websites of the various providers. Tickets can be purchased either from the driver on the bus or tram or from ticket machines.

The regional providers are also part of the Braunschweig Regional Network (Verbundgesellschaft Region Braunschweig) so you only need to buy one ticket for the entire network area.

How does the long-distance public transport work?

If your destination is outside the region, you can use Deutsche Bahn AG trains or various long-distance bus services.

Train tickets must be purchased before boarding the train. You can book and print out long-distance bus tickets over the Internet.

What rules must I observe?

Anyone using public transporting without having paid for it is liable to prosecution.

This is called “fare dodging” and as a rule, you will be fined between 40 and 60 euros. On trains, the amount can be even higher depending on which connections you use.