What childcare options are available to me?

There are various types of childcare.

Crèche: care for children under three years

Nursery: care for children aged three to six years

Daycare centre: combination of crèche and nursery

Childminder: various ages


How long in the day your child is cared for varies for each provider or “facility”. You can obtain further information from the facilities’ websites or the websites of the municipalities.

In addition to the public care services of the municipalities, there are other facilities such as churches, associations, parent initiatives and clubs. Each facility also offers a different approach.

How much does childcare cost?

As well as the type of childcare, the costs also depend on your place of residence, the care service, the age of the child, the facility and your income.

You can obtain further information from the facility itself.

How do I find a crèche/nursery/daycare centre/childminder?

You can use the following databases and overviews to get an initial idea of the different services available in the region.

Zentrales Familien-Service-Büro BraunschweigFamilienservice Wolfsburg
Stadt Braunschweig , Fachbereich Kinder, Jugend und Familie Kindertagesstätten
Stadt Wolfsburg, Kindertagesbetreuung