Registering Your Address

Why do I have to register my address in Germany?

In Germany it is a legal obligation for every person living here to register his or her address with the appropriate municipal authorities.

You are required by law to register your address within one week after moving into your place of residence.

The registration certificate is also essential for other important formalities such as taking out insurance policies or enrolling children at school/child day-care centres.

How do I register my address?

Every municipality (town or city) or county has its own office which is responsible for residents’ registration (see “Contacts” Braunschweig/Wolfsburg).

You must therefore contact the office in your town or city which is in charge of this matter. As you are moving to this region from abroad, all members of your family must be personally present in order to register.

What documents do I need?

  • a valid national identification card or passport
  • written confirmation from your landlord
  • for children: a childrens’ passport or birth certificate

How long does the registration process take and what does it cost?



Processing period:


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