Family Reunification

Are you a citizen of neither an EU member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland? Are you gainfully employed in the Federal Republic of Germany? Do you want to bring your partner and/or your family to Germany from abroad?

Then you will find the most important information on this subject here. In Germany, family reunification is normally only possible for nuclear families. These include spouses, registered life partners and underage children.

Which requirements do I have to fulfil in order to bring my family to Germany?

You must possess a residence permit of the Federal Republic of Germany, have sufficient living space for you and your family and be able to support yourself financially.

Your partner must be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of German (Competence Level A1).

will not need to demonstrate any knowledge of German if you:

  • hold the EU Blue Card
  • are working in Germany as a highly-qualified worker or are self-employed and your marriage was contracted before you arrived in Germany

or your spouse

  • can demonstrate a verifiably minimal need to integrate
  • is a citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canadas, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand or the United States of America

You can normally only bring those of your children who have not yet had their 16th birthday to Germany. Should any of your children who have not yet had their 18th birthday, they will need to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the German language or you must arrive in Germany with a parent.

How can my family follow me?

Spouses, life partners and children must apply for a residence permit for “family reunification purposes” in their home country. This is the responsibility of the diplomatic or consular mission of the Federal Republic of Germany located in the area of jurisdiction for your residence (see “Visa“). The visa is normally valid for 90 days.

Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America may enter Germany without a visa.

Has your family arrived in Germany? If so, please register with the local foreign nationals’ office and the local residents’ registration office.

Which documents do I need for family reunification purposes?

When applying for the visa abroad, you will need:

  • the visa application form
  • a valid national identification card or passport
  • a current biometric photograph
  • a copy of the partner’s passport or a copy of the passport of the parent of the family member living in Germany
  • a rental agreement for your accommodation in Germany giving the size in square metres
  • a proof of income
  • the birth certificates of your children (translated and certified), a marriage certificate, certificate of a life partnership (translated and certified)
  • evidence of knowledge of the German language

In Germany:

  • valid national identification cards or passports
  • birth and marriage certificates
  • an employment contract and a proof of income
  • a rental agreement

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